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Get involved in building the best coffee community in the world. There's no obligation, just tell us about the good coffee shops you know.

If you own a shop we can help you get a Web site or blog, learn to use Twitter and promote your shop online. Contact us for more info.

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Coffee and Wi-Fi Locator Project

Coffee and Beer. Now there's a great idea. Octane Coffee Bar & Lounge.
Coffee shops are the office for countless entrepreneurs, and a temporary refuge for millions of office workers. Yet finding a coffee shop when you travel can be difficult. Try using Google, Yahoo!, Bing, or MapQuest to search for coffee in an area you know well and the results will include places that closed years ago.

Our mission is to enlist coffee shop enthusiasts and owners in compiling and maintaining the most comprehensive and accurate coffee & Wi-Fi resource possible. Click the map below for locations where we have user-recommended coffee shops listed. Add your favorite shop now.

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Visit Our Recent Additions:

spot coffee - Buffalo, NY

THE CO-OP - Sullivans Island, SC

The Fort Schuyler Trading Company - Utica, NY

Green River Cyclery and the Busted Bike Cafe - Auburn, WA

Cumaica Coffee - San Francisco, CA